Review: Homeopathy


After hours of mindless Wikipedia wandering, I came upon the topic of medical treatments, which soon lead to my discovery of Homeopathy. So what is homeopathy, you may ask? Well, pulling from, Homeopathy is a system of medical thought that “like cures like”, or essentially, something that makes people sick can cure people. You can already tell that this is going to be completely ridiculous by the fact that Homeopathy is labeled as an “alternative science” and was created by this guy:

Samuel Hahnemann.


Don’t take advice from a guy with toilet brushes for hair.

The Principle:

There is one main principle in Homeopathy, named Succession, or Dynamization to others.

What is Succession? Succession is when you make a substance’s effects much more potent by diluting it with distilled alcohol or water, and then shaking it.


The Test:

Before I get into the sorts of tests that Hahnemanana got into, I wanted to explain that for all of these, since I am a very tired college man-child, I used coffee as a test to wake me up. For consistency, I recorded these results in a journal.

7:30 AM: 

Just brewed the coffee, water next to me, thermos present for maximum shakage.

7:45 AM:

The coffee has been sitting for a while, just put in water and then poured into the thermos.

7:46 AM- 7:47 AM:

Shook coffee thermos. Ready for consumption.

7:50 AM:

This tastes gross.

8:30 AM:

No effects evident, still tired.

9:00 AM:

I am an empty shell of a man, hollow, desperate.

10:00 AM:

I guess I don’t feel as tiiiiredd?

The Results:

I don’t even like Coffee. Everything sucks. I’m tired. I want to nap. I’m also hungry, I think I have brownies in the pantry.


Rate: 2/10

The Conclusion

Understandably, this pseudo-science was ridiculed and nodded off as some abnormal yet ineffective treatment back in the 19th century. It was known for its ineffectiveness, and as demonstrated as the same day as my test, it doesn’t make sense.

I am sure there are some dedicated believers to this form of medicine, but logistically, all the odds are stacked up against it. How can diluting (literally meaning to lessen in effect) a substance make it stronger? In the same vein, how does shaking something make it more powerful? After all, Mr. Samuel Hahnemananananannanana eventually tried these experiments and could not replicate results, making this study seem relatively moot.

Also he eventually moved onto Allopathy after the “success” of this science, really shows how much people were into the whole thing.

I may come off as a cynic, but it’s only because I care

Heart emoji.

Rate: 2/10


Side/Annoyance test:

I threw water at my friend and shook him violently. He woke up.

Rate: 10/10


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